About Us

Matthew has over 15 years’ experience working on Bay Street in Toronto in the financial services sector. He began his career at a Schedule 1 bank and quickly moved onto a Big 4 accounting firm. While at the firm, he earned his professional designations while providing assurance, advisory and tax related services to a diverse client base with a focus on investment management clients.

Our Services

There are many reasons for engaging a Chartered Accountant. For many it may simply be at tax time to file a corporate and/or individual tax return. For others, it may be for financial statement preparation (Notice to Reader report), or for an audit or review that your bank or regulatory body may have asked for. MMT can assist you or your company with these services and can provide other business advisory services to help your business achieve its goals.

What Our Customers Are Saying


Five Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Get a Professional Tax Accounting Firm.

Because legally you can have many complication from selecting the right path to make sure that you have the right money trails etc.

Managing your finances and don’t know where to invest? Let professionals do the work with providing you thousands of opportunities to invest amd earn more with our counselling sessions aswell.

Filing your Tax has never been easy where as missing a little part in any section or line while submitting your tax return can plunge you in deep trouble we have professionalised at it ehile providing you tons of opportunities to earn even more

our team provides you complete session where and how your money showed b invested and we will also be there to submit your tax returns , auditing, providing financial services and handeling accounts as well

For that head on to our contact page or Email us at info@mmtca.ca and our representative will get back to you.

Our Vision

To continue to grow as a boutique
accounting firm of choice in the
Greater Toronto Area.